Monday, 5 November 2012

Definition of GOMO KELATE GOMO

A local Kelantanese girl, supporting for her favourite team. Not my  Japanese friend, mind you!

Recently, a friend of mine from Japan asked me, what is “gomo Klate gomo”?

Surprised with the question, I asked her back, from where she heard that term.

She said, she have few facebook friends back in Malaysia and they were talking about it. She also said that, from what she saw in the internet, she knew that the term “Gomo Klate Gomo” have something to do with a local football club in Malaysia. However, she couldn’t find the actual meaning of the term, thus she seek for my help.

So, as a responsible Kelantanese, I explained to her the real meaning of the term, and she was very satisfied with it.

That event made me ask myself, “why don’t she just search the meaning herself using the internet?”

So later, I tried to search the meaning of the term from the internet myself, but I came across nothing.  Therefore, I posted this entry just to explain to people around the world, who wonder, what is term “gomo Klate gomo” all about.

Short video of "Gomo Kelate Gomo" chants at Catalunya, Spain.

Yet, the funny thing is , another friend of mine shared a video from youtube, showing some people in Catalunya, Spain used the same phrase and made a song out of it. And honestly, I found it was quite catchy and quite good. Furthermore, some Spaniards and other foreign people (who are not Malaysian) posted questions at the comment section, asking “what does it actually means?”

Gentlemen, trolling other people is good. Trust me on this. Haters gonna hate.

Ladies and gentlemen , let me ease your burden. Here’s your answer.

  •          The term “gomo Klate gomo “ (or gomo Klate gomo, gomo Kelantan gomo) is a cheer (chants) to the Kelantan FA football team.
  •          Kelantan FA, which also known as “the Red Warriors”, is a football team, based in Kota Bharu, Malaysia.
  •         If Arsenal have the cheer saying, “Come on you Gunners”, which abbreviation is “COYG” , Liverpool have “You will never walk alone”, (YNWA), and Manchester United have “ Glory glory Man United”, (GGMU). Same as Kelantan, they have “Gomo Klate gomo”, (GKG).
  •         Linguistically, “gomo Klate gomo “ literally means “ Fight Kelantan Fight”. You almost can”t find the actual meaning of the word “Gomo” in normal Malay language dictionary , as it is a local Malay-Kelantanese slang.
  •        To some extent, “Gomo Klate gomo” will also means “Keep on fighting, Kelantan ! Keep on fighting !” , depending on the situation.

Hope this short entry helps you guys out there.

Now that you already understand the term, let us all shout it out loud;

Gomo Klate Gomo !!!

Thanks for reading and drop by.

This is Mejah. Out .

p/s: sorry lah gua tules entri bahasa mat salleh. Gua taw bnyk grammatical error. Gua bukan terrer sgt pun bahasa mat salleh ni. Siket-siket boleh la. Nak mintak tolong awek yang terrer BI tolong check, gua xde awek yang jenis tu. Oh, lupa.. Gua mana ade awek.. Thehehe..  Sesajew je wat entry ni. Coz kalu org bukan org Mesia nak cari definition bagi terma Gomo Klate Gomo tu, x de sumber lain. So, gua guna platform totallymejah ni lah utk sebarkan maksud terma tu.

Harap korang x kesah. (wink~wink)


  1. gomo klate...hehe...tapi saya org kedah.. ^_^

  2. Klate kaloh don ngan Negeri Sembilan...

  3. nice piece. thanks for the explanation

  4. gomo klate gomo = Go more Klate Go more